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Specialty Insurance

Fey Bruder Insurance works with your business to provide specialized insurance programs and products for niche businesses that do not fall in the traditional business owner plans.

retail store insuranceRetail shops need insurance for more than just meeting their lease requirements on their stores. Their business is based on selling a product which makes it vital that they properly cover their inventory especially in peak seasons. It is important to not only have protection for their product if it was damaged in a claim, such as a fire or for theft, but also if their product were to cause bodily injury and or property damage to a customer after it was sold.

Our insurance products and advice can help best protect retail store owners.

urban apartment insuranceWhen you own a building that is rent to others, there’s a lot more to consider than just purchasing “building insurance”. Whether you are renting out a single family dwelling, small apartment building or even an industrial building you need to make sure you take full risk management measures. You need to factor in things such as loss of rental income coverage, having the right insurance requirements for your tenants, covering discrimination or wrongful eviction claims and making sure your maintenance people have proper insurance.

Fey Bruder Insurance Advisors has worked with a number of property owners and have the experience and knowledge to help protect landlords.

company inventory insuranceThough you may not have actual manufactured the product you distribute, as a distributor you need to be aware of ways you might become first in line if a product you sell caused property damage or bodily injury. If the product you distribute is made overseas you may be considered the “manufacture” in the case of a claim in the United States or its Territories. If you repackage or alter the product you may also find yourself in the front line of a product claim. Knowing this and understanding how to protect your business from these types of situations can be key in securing your insurance program.

Our insurance products and advice can help best protect distribution companies.

credit card cyber insuranceA risk that is not addressed by many businesses in this era of technology is protecting data. Whether that data is your own or that of your clients, it constantly stands at risk of theft or corruption. We always recommend taking risk management action such as firewalls, strong passwords, management of mobile devices, etc. However, one other risk management action we recommend is the purchase of insurance that will cover your business for network data breaches, electronic copy write infringements and computer viruses. We strongly recommend this to businesses that deal with Personal Identifiable Information (PII) which are things like dates of birth, social security numbers, addresses, credit card information, financial information and health information.

Your typical liability and property insurance policies do not have the type of coverage that best protect your business if you were subject to a cyber-attack or stolen data. There are specialty policies built to help keep your business going after such claims.

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